Who are we?

Stone Capital Wealth Management (Stone Capital WM) is a broker dealer registered in the Central Bank of Uruguay under name of Cesturyl S.A. Stone Capital was intended to cover a wide range of consulting to his clients. Stone Capital WM has agreements/partnerships with several major world financial institucions from:
United States, Switzerland and Bahamas.

Founding partners:

Alberto Ayres de Freitas: Expertise in Private Banking adquired from his 25 years working at Merrill Lynch and 2 years in Julius Baer.

Pablo Pizzani: Worked at Merrill Lynch for 10 years and 2 years in Julius Baer.

Meet Stone Capital WM

Your trust, our main asset

Our Way of Thinking

We work for you!

Our Clients

Their interest must come first. In our view they are the ones who pay our salaries . So we work form them . Their satisfaction and success translates in our own.

Our People

Most valuable asset we have in our company.

Our Business Model

Focus on client`s needs to offer the right alternatives . We continuously strive to find the right balance between maximizing client`s return within his/her profile. Strong Compliance, Transparency, Discipline.

Our Brand

It is clear to us that the firm’s brand and reputation rests in our personal and professional behavior.

Our Culture

Our culture is unique and is founded upon the principles of entrepreneurship, accountability and partnership. Complacency and entitlement have no place in our firm.

Our Approach

Listen to clients. To keep our ability to execute the orders. To serve clients. From the most aggressive to the most conservative.

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We look forward to hearing from you

Contact Info

Stone Capital, Inc.
T: UYU: +59825182560
T: ARG + 5411 5129 6477
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Edif. Beta 1, Esc. 108, Ruta 8, Km.17500
(91600) Montevideo, Uruguay